NPP and NDC Work Together in Parliament to Pass an Anti-LGBTQ Bill Into Law

The anti-gay measure was approved by the Ghanaian Parliament with backing from legislators on both sides of the aisle.

The passing of the measure, which is titled the Promotion of Proper Human Sexual Rights and Family Values, ends years of opposition to and support for the legislation from various Ghanaian social groups.

Some human rights activists called for the measure to be revoked, however some staunch supporters of the legislation remained unwavering in their support of its passing.

The Majority and Minority Caucuses both deemed it appropriate that the bill be streamlined in order to prevent abuse and the violation of fundamental human rights. As a result, the bill has gone through multiple phases in Parliament with countermovements from members of both parties.

These days, both sides unanimously and without any dissent or obstructions passed the bill.

The bill makes it illegal to fund, advocate for, or promote homosexuality.

Additionally, it imposes prison sentences of up to ten years for advocates of the LGBTQ+ community and three years for anyone who identifies as such.






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