Mensah Thompson, Executive Director of Alliance for Social Equity and Public Accountability

Keep mute and mourn your husband - ASEPA director advised Lilian Kumah

The late Deputy Minister of Finance, Dr John Kumah's widow, Apostle Lilian Kumah, has been advised by Mensah Thompson, Executive Director of the Alliance for Social Equity and Public Accountability (ASEPA), to refrain from speaking out about her husband's death's circumstances.

"You are supposed to be in the room and mourn," Thompson stated on Citi TV. It is not for you to decide who murdered or not killed your husband. For this reason, autopsies can be performed by experts, and it is none of your concern. People are free to make any claims they choose, but you should concentrate on grieving for your spouse."

This comes after social media and mainstream media stories purporting to show that her husband's death was caused by food poisoning were denied by Apostle Lilian Kumah.

She made it clear in an interview with Asaase radio in Accra that her late spouse bravely fought a serious illness for more than a year.

She revealed that the illness that finally took his life on Thursday, March 7, 2024, was not food poisoning, but rather a deadly sickness that the specialists in Germany had identified about a year prior.

Apostle Mrs. Lilian Kumah, the General Overseer of Disciples of Christ Ministries, urged people to stop speculating about her husband's death's cause, highlighting the additional suffering it causes to her personal and extended family.

She mournfully demanded that the authorities act quickly to stop people like Blessed Godsbrain Smart, also referred to as Captain Smart, who made a public claim that her late husband had been poisoned without offering any proof.

Apostle Lilian Kumah expressed her worry, questioning Captain Smart's boldness in claiming such things about John Kumah, who devoted his life to serving the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and his nation.

She emphasised that action must be taken in accordance with national legislation, calling on the authorities to hold Captain Smart responsible and require evidence to support his baseless accusations.

But in light of claims that her husband died from poisoning, she is pressing Captain Smart for clarification.


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