Gynaecologist: Period cramps aren't cured by sex.

St. Dominic Hospital in Akwatia's Obstetric Gynaecologist, Dr. John K. Bosomtwe, has denied rumours that intercourse when a woman is menstruating might alleviate period pain.

Nonetheless, he clarified that the production of certain "pleasure hormones" during sex could alleviate the intensity of the pain at that precise instant. Any discomfort you're experiencing will be lessened by these hormones.

If you're experiencing agony, having sex might briefly divert your attention to the physical sensations of pleasure. The majority of discussions about menstruation revolve around myths or anecdotes, but some women report that the pain level decreases after that point and others deny experiencing any pain at all. So, for example, the experiences of ladies "A" and "B" will be distinct from one another.

Last Tuesday, he gave an interview to The Mirror in which he said that some males, for reasons only they know, preyed on naive teenage ladies by suggesting that having sex while menstruating would alleviate their period discomfort.

It is high time for parents, particularly dads, do their part to learn about menstruation and educate their female relatives and daughters, according to the gynaecologist.

My message to dads this year is that they should take an active role in their daughters' education and be knowledgeable about menstruation so that they can help their daughters understand it. When it comes to satisfying their wildest dreams, people will say or do anything. He explained that such tricks won't work on young people if they are well-informed and comfortable discussing such topics.

Sexual activity while a woman is menstruating
According to Dr. Bosomtwe, it is not safe for women to engage in unprotected sexual activity when they are menstruating. According to him, women should always ask for protection while they are sexually active if they are not attempting to conceive, as their cycles are unique and can vary unexpectedly.

If you insist on having sex during your period, use a condom. They prevent pregnancy and STDs, and they also make it more pleasant, although they can be messy.

Many people are unaware of their HIV status, and the prevalence rate is rising. You put yourself at greater risk of getting an STD if you engage in sexual activity without protection when you are menstruating.

Having sexual relations while menstruating increases your risk of developing pelvic inflammatory disorders. During this time, the cervix's neck is wide open, making it easier for any pathogen or germ to deposit itself and start wreaking havoc in the upper uterus.

In the long run, this might make it hard to conceive. He went on to say that ectopic pregnancies can be caused by certain pelvic inflammatory illnesses.

Personal tales
Dr. Bosomtwe stated that there was no scientific evidence supporting claims that sugar, dairy, and other drinks can affect menstrual cycles.

It has been long-recognized that some beverages can stop or delay menstruation for some women, but when other women try the same drinks, they report no effect. For some, sugar just makes things worse, both in terms of flow and discomfort.

False beliefs
According to Dr. Bosomtwe, many misconceptions regarding menstruation prevent women from openly discussing this normal process. The idea that a girl or woman should never publicly announce that she is menstruating persists.

No one is allowed to voice their dissatisfaction because it is considered a dirty secret. He expressed his disappointment that there are places where menstruation women are required to refrain from touching anyone or even cooking for fear of spreading the disease.

He believed that parents and guardians should make an effort to teach girls about menstruation and provide them assistance even before they begin to experience it.

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