Kwadwo Nkansan And  Pastor Stephen Adom Kyei Duah

Ghanaian's Are Happier witnessing My Pain Than My Recovery And Progress: Actor Lil Win

A well-known Ghanaian actor Kwadwo Nkansan who double as Lil Win, has spoken out against the "harsh treatment" he has endured after the unfortunate accident that killed a 3-year-old kid on the 25th month of may, 2024

Deglory Gh Media discovered a popular video in which Lil Win in an interview, expressed his disappointment that he has been the target of public scorn and criticism rather than support and empathy.

According to him, he thought Ghanaians would understand his anguish and suffering, but instead they have showed no empathy, which has startled and disappointed him.

He expressed his empathy for the victims of accidents on television. Having said that, nobody felt sorry for me when my accident happened.


Ever since the accident, Ghana has served as the backdrop to my life's dramatic journey. Those who say they are on my side are beginning to make me doubt their sincerity.


 They should be supporting and understanding, but instead they're picking me apart. Instead of asking the child's family to forgive me, they are causing issues and putting pressure on them.


Some folks seem more concerned with witnessing my pain than with my recovery and progress. However, I am aware that their evil intentions do not coincide with God's will.

In addition, he begged the Ghanaians to be forgiving and understanding, and he asked them to stand behind him.

Despite the negative intentions of people who want to see him suffer, Lil Win has faith in God's plan, and he has stated this publicly. He trusts that God is working all things out for his good and that he will be a stronger person because of this.


This was followed by the actor releasing a new song that dealt with his experiences after the accident, featuring Kweku Flick and King Paluta.

He apparently received immediate healing from his pastor, Stephen Adom Kyei-Duah, and he recently took off his neck brace as well.


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