Do side chicks encourage unions?

Adultery—which includes having sex with someone other than one's spouse—is one of the biggest obstacles to a good marriage.

Sadly, the prevalence of this problem is rising quickly, and most marriages have suffered as a result.

In the United States of America (USA), for instance, a research conducted around five years ago revealed that in 80% of marriages, one or both parties had cheated.

A caller claimed that the 80 percent number was too low and may perhaps be as high as 99 percent on a radio broadcast some two years ago when the writer mentioned the study conducted in the USA.

The idea that Ghanaian women, who were previously recognised for being devoted to their spouses, were suddenly matching their men bumper to bumper is even more unsettling!

According to an article in a Nigerian newspaper, 95% of Nigerian men have side chicks.

According to current surveys, infidelity affects 80% of men and 65% of wives in Ghana. The issue transcends age, occupation, ethnicity, educational background, and religious beliefs.

Why commit adultery?
It's human nature for a guy to be attracted to a woman and vice versa.

The fact that you are married does not make this go away.

According to modern science, we are predisposed to infidelity by certain genes.

We are self-centered by nature.

Jeremiah 17:19 states that man has an evil and wicked heart.

Given our sinful conception, we run the risk of acting immorally if we falter.

Needs are fundamental to marriage, especially emotional needs.

Domestic care (cooking and housework) and respect are a man's top three emotional requirements, along with sex and a beautiful wife.

One way a woman may crush a man's ego is by showing him no respect.

In an attempt to bolster his ego, he takes a woman under his control.

The most important things to a woman are affection, company, financial support, and family dedication.

For instance, when a guy neglects his spouse, she may experience feelings of abandonment and loneliness and may engage in an inappropriate relationship with a houseboy who shows her compassion and attention.

Personal gain: Previously, marriages were characterised by faithfulness, honesty, integrity, and commitment.

The focus is on what we have and are capable of now.

Many people lie in order to gain advantages for themselves, including employment, promotions, money, social recognition, institutional entrance, and even retaliation against unfaithful spouses.

Challenge: A common misconception among couples is that doing something while avoiding detection is thrilling and enjoyable. 

They wish to depart from the regular schedule.

Some argue that "you can't eat palm soup every day" and that "having a farm means having a garden."

They assume that adultery enlivens a marriage, therefore they fantasise about it.

Age difference: Because you will have comparable interests, it is ideal to have a partner who is near to your own age.

Sexual desire disparity is caused by a large age gap.

Women's libido peaks in their late 30s or early 40s.

Due to their substandard lifestyle, many Ghanaian males can have "light off" at that point.

"Body no be firewood," and the temptation to cheat is strong among married women.

The younger partner is more likely to cheat the larger the age gap between them.

According to a different psychologist, most people who cheat do so because they are more focused on what they need than what they already have.

The peril of side girls
The brain releases chemicals when an individual engages in adultery, placing them in a predicament akin to that of those with mental disabilities.

His or her IQ is lower, making it difficult for them to think clearly or regulate their thoughts.

This might help to explain why some unfaithful men treat their girlfriends unfairly, giving them expensive vehicles, flights, and other gifts but not their own wives.

Numerous people have lost a lot of money playing the infidelity lottery.

A good marriage is built on trust, dedication, and loyalty—all of which are destroyed by infidelity.

A betrayed partner has low self-esteem, emotional distress, and resentment.

He or she questions why they don't measure up.

A spouse who cheats forfeits their moral fibre and inner strength.

Only those who are blind to the beauty of constancy find great pleasure in cheating.

Being unfaithful might put you at risk for STDs and unintended pregnancy.

Some choose to have abortions, while some become parents to "piki na boro."

Married ladies give birth to their children externally.

Your connection with friends, your kids, your career, and your future aspirations are all badly impacted by infidelity. We learn about high-profile politicians and senior pastors of rapidly expanding congregations quitting because of adultery.

Stealing is wrong. While all crimes are committed outside of the body, adultery is a sin committed against the body.

You cause the Holy Spirit to grieve and depart from you.

You make yourself vulnerable to the devil's onslaught.

The Bible compares bringing termites into your garden to an arrow going through your heart when you're moving and walking barefoot over flaming charcoal (Proverbs 6:20–29)

As stated by a marital psychologist, "infidelity is not the result of love; rather, it is the result of a dysfunctional personal need system, an inability to set limits, a sense of entitlement, an addiction issue, long-standing internal conflict, and a deeply held belief of inadequacy."

Are side chicks a marriage booster?
According to reports, a female marriage therapist urged married men to have side partners and promoted marriage.

Side chicks, according to another therapist, are an essential component of marriage.

A lady recently said that since her husband quit straying, the spark in their marriage had vanished.

However, the truth is that adultery drains a great deal of your emotional, physical, and spiritual resources, making it the most destructive factor that may undermine the sanity and purity of a marriage.

It's the unforgivable thing a guy finds in a marriage, and it leaves a wound that might never heal. 

It's actually a lethal trap that slowly consumes you and ruins every aspect of your life.

This indicates that adultery is a major problem rather than a solution.

Unfortunately, it can happen to anybody.

Nobody is free from this.

Your only hope is to have a good outlook and remain firm in the Lord.

You don't have an explanation for your imprudent behaviour, even though you could have a valid motive for it.

If you consider your marriage to be the greatest gift from God, you won't accept anything less.

You can make your marriage affair-proof and enjoy it with dedication and prayer.



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